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Must Missy meander musingly?



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According to Bryan, there will be “A lot more female energy” in season 3.


the only nation i will ever rule is procrastination

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Chapter 16, 17, & 18 Prompt


We return to see Mason setting some sinister plans in motion. Will all go as planned?

With that, we enter Florence - and a whole new world, or shall we say old world - to find mention of our good doctor and the introduction to a new main character, Chief Investigator Rinaldo Pazzi of the Questura.

Why do you think Rinaldo Pazzi is so driven to succeed? Does his reprimanding reflect the theme of institutions forsaking their subjects, or is it different, and in what way?

Pazzi’s family history is a huge force in his life, especially the hanging of his ancestor in the 1400s. Do you think he can turn his reputation around or are the images of his ancestor only foreshadowing something darker since “soon the axe would fall”?

Could the Il Mostro case and Dr. Lecter be connected in any way?

In terms of writing style, do you think Harris writes differently now that the setting has moved to Italy? How is it similar and different from his chapters in the U.S. so far?

Next week we’ll reconvene to discuss chapters 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23. It may seem like a lot, but a couple of the chapters are rather short and it should be in line with the average number of pages we typically read, so don’t be intimidated!

Please, remember to use the tag #DHannibal if you want to participate so that we can track your entries. Thank you!

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Wherever Is Your Heart
Brandi Carlile
Pin Drop Tour
New York, NY

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HQ Brandi Carlile Band - Beginning to Feel the Years @ The Barns at Wolf Trap, October 7, 2014



This is perfection embodied in one video.


Brandi Carlile’s PinDropTour at The Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL 10/14/14.

This night was outstanding. We had a table next to the stage, and I was close enough to get two high fives from Brandi herself. One while she was on stage, and the other while she was walking through the audience. Everything was acoustic, everyone sounded fantastic. The strings opened up the night with covers that ranged from The Killers, Sia, Radiohead, and Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. I wouldn’t trade this night for anything. 

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